Save time and make cooking with our useful kitchen gadgets!

When it comes to cooking and baking, getting that meal just right we have you covered. We have plenty of old fashioned kitchen gadgets, along with new kitchen accessories and tools, to save you some time and make cleanup quicker and easier. So whether you're brand new to cooking or a veteran chef, there are plenty of practical and time-saving kitchen gadgets to choose from.

Perfect Kitchen Gadgets for Perfect Dishes, Every Time

It is so much harder to perfect your cooking skills if you don't have the right tools for the job. We strive to make your time in the kitchen as stress free and enjoyable as possible. We supply time-saving kitchen tools and accessories so you won't spend the whole day chopping, dicing, prepping, and slicing. 

Gifts for Your Favorite Baker

Birthday and holiday presents let your favorite baker--a mom, a dad, grandpa, grandma, aunt, brother, sister, spouse or friend--know how much you love their delightful treats! 


They are 100% natural and easiest to cook, just water and oil or butter will needed to prepare a real and tasty

Italian meal at home.

Perfect for everybody
Tiberino's one-pot dishes are perfect for everybody looking for a tasty and healthy Italian meal.
They are 100% natural, does not contain any chemical ingredient, sugar added, fat added and cooking requires just water and oil.
tiberino's one-pot dishes don't contain animal derivatives and are perfect for vegetarians and vegans too.


Specialita' Alimentari Dal 1888



A L L  T H I N G S  K I T C H E N

All Natural Dog Treats

Voted #1


Flipper, Mason, & Grace


Silk Floral Arrangements

Nothing completes a home or office as perfectly as a touch of floral.  Silk floral arrangements are a great way to keep your home or office warm, cozy, and welcoming all year long!  Love a great floral arrangement but hate when they wilt and droop after just a couple is your weeks?  Tired of wasting money on something that doesn't last forever?  Looking for that perfect house warming, wedding, or birthday gift?  Come down to the Baker's Rack All Things Kitchen and check out our amazing and stunning pre-made selection or we can customize one for you!  


Ripley's Treats and Treasures

We will be featuring our own local Ripley's Treats and Treasures which offers 175 types of jams and jellies, 50 types of salsa and between 40 and 50 types of pickles.  

“My mom and my grandma got me into all of this,” said Cardinell, who also makes sweet breads, eclairs, cream puffs, chocolates and other baked goods. “She taught us from the very beginning, nothing was to go to waste.”

Cardinell’s mother, Lucille, got into baking and canning in the 1960s out of necessity. The family’s garden at that time was more than three acres. Anything that wasn’t eaten immediately was canned to be used after the season.

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Tina's custom threads & transfers are one of a kind!  High quality beautiful designs offer great gifts ideas or kitchen decor!  Some of these fun and creative items include cutting boards, bowl holders, place mats, and aprons for all!  Don't see exactly what you are looking for?  No problem!  Tina does custom orders!  So come on down to the Baker's Rack All Things Kitchen TODAY!  

Tina's Threads & Transfers

Friendly Scrubbies

Eco friendly, machine washable and re-useable, hand crafted in Canon City, Colorado, unique to Florence, Colorado cotton/polyester blends



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